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Temporary Rent Apartments in Buenos Aires. BApass.com Your best partner in Argentina. Temporary Rent Apartments in Buenos Aires. Your best partner in Argentina.


Cultural Tour
Sports / Outdoors
Basic Services

BApass Relocation Services
Our program was designed in order to turn the relocation process for your company and your employees into a great international experience. Basically thought for relocations in the city of Buenos Aires, as well as in other main cities in Argentina, we have developed our program altogether with professionals with vast experience in the field. We take the challenge of analyzing and creating the better solutions possible, in balance with the company and the resident needs, in the minimum time possible.

Trust BApass Relocation Services in order to get the best assessment in the market. Check with your BApass representative for further details.
Traslados desde/hacia los aeropuestos
BApassTM offers you to hire the transfer services on your behalf, with the BApass Service Guarantee. Feel free to ask us about any kind of concerns about local transportation in Buenos Aires or in any other side of the country.
Chef a domicilio
Thru BApassTM you may offer your friends and family the chance of enjoying special international meals in the tranquility of your apartment. Contact your BApass representative for further information.
Full Fridge
BApassTM offers you to request what kind of products you would like to have in the fridge at the moment you arrive at your rented BApass apartment. Contact your BApass representative for further details!

Clases de Español
If you are used to travel arround the world you know the importance of speaking the local language. We recommend you to take some native Spanish lessons during your stay in Argentina. Let us orient you about the different local options for learning according to your availibility, skills and interests, with the appropiate professionals!  
Taxi aereo
In Argentina, air services lack of frequency flights and geographical availability, compared to US and Europe. This is the reason why its common to contract private air taxis, and in BApassTM we may assess you for your comfortability and convinience from and to any place in Argentina.
Cell Phones and Notebooks Rental
We all know that is usefull to have a local mobile number and a notebook to have full Internet access in our appartments, whether you are on vacations, doing business or simply studing abroad. Count on BApass in order to advise you regarding the best local suppliers.
BApass - Travel Services
BApass, makes the difference in your trip. Allow us to recommend and book you the best places, activities and lodging in any place in Argentina that you´d like to visit. Trust in our knowledge and national partners.
All you need to know about Buenos Aires before your arrival !
Facts About Argentina
Must-see Places in Buenos Aires
BApass has defined a list of places that you should not miss when visiting Buenos Aires. Every person must visit the described places at least as your first step in our city.
Agreement BApass - ISMM
The Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno trusts BApass every operation related to lodging and local transportation services for foreign students throughout the year 2008. "We thank the ISMM for the vote of confidence in our team, which was essential for achieving top quality services for foreign students in Buenos Aires", said BApass Director Indalecio Gonzalez Bergez.

Temporary Rent Apartments in Buenos Aires. BApass.com Your best partner in Argentina.