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Temporary Rent Apartments in Buenos Aires. BApass.com Your best partner in Argentina. Temporary Rent Apartments in Buenos Aires. Your best partner in Argentina.


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BApass - Travel Services
BApass, makes the difference in your trip. Allow us to recommend and book you the best places, activities and lodging in any place in Argentina that you´d like to visit. Trust in our knowledge and national partners.
All you need to know about Buenos Aires before your arrival !
Facts About Argentina
Must-see Places in Buenos Aires
BApass has defined a list of places that you should not miss when visiting Buenos Aires. Every person must visit the described places at least as your first step in our city.
Agreement BApass - ISMM
The Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno trusts BApass every operation related to lodging and local transportation services for foreign students throughout the year 2008. "We thank the ISMM for the vote of confidence in our team, which was essential for achieving top quality services for foreign students in Buenos Aires", said BApass Director Indalecio Gonzalez Bergez.

Temporary Rent Apartments in Buenos Aires. BApass.com Your best partner in Argentina.